I hope you enjoy your visit to my "homemade" website about plastic models, mainly kits of military aircrafts.

It is all in Spanish so I have included here some instructions for you to go easier through all the pages.

The idea of webmodelismo.com is to provide useful information and "secret" tips to everyone starting in this wonderful hobby or with some years experience as well. I would like to receive feedback from you so I can improve my technics too.

Many pictures have been added to each page. They will help you to follow the construction and painting of models from scratch (opening the box) to the very end.

I have not used high professional tools and accessories (most of the times too expensive for me) when building my models and I tried always to use everything what I could from my "drawer".

I hope you will come again to visit my website! It can be yours as well if you send me the picture of your favorite finished model and let other modelers know how it was built!

Well, let's start!

As you will see there is a menu bar on the top so you can go easily to the page you like:

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Some notes here...

"Bienvenidos" is the welcome page, an introduction to my website.

"Mis comienzos" will let you know how I started in this hobby long time ago building at the beginning just Panzers and how I changed later into airplanes.

By going into
"Reportajes" (the heart of webmodelismo.com) you will follow step by step all the construction and painting of my models (well of some of them). I have included a picture of the box art so you can know exactly the model I built (just in case you have the same at home or you plan to build something similar in the future). In some articles or "reportajes" you will find a short biography (included as well in "Apuntes de Historia") of the pilot who flew the aircraft built step by step, and several articles about planes and units... and also videos! All of that and much more is waiting for you at Reportajes!

"Tu webmodelismo.com" you will find pictures and articles provided by you... yes! You will show others how you finished your model and the technics you have used ("secret tips" and much more...). Send me an email (raul@webmodelismo.com) and we will get in touch to have your article ready!

"Apuntes de Historia" is full of information, not usually included in the books we always read, about airplanes, pilots, units and other historical events related to the airwar. Also you will find articles of my visits to exhibitions and air shows.

"Mi Bibliografía" with a description of all the books I have at home about war airplanes. I have added my personal comments on each book as well. If you are interested in some of them just send me an email...

"Galería I" and "Galería II" include photos of my models (the old ones finished between 2001 and 2005 in "Galería I"). If you click on the picture you will see it in a bigger size. By the way, I have now ready a new Photo Gallery only for my P-47 Thunderbolt's, called Galería "P-47"... one of my favorites, oh yes!

"Mis Reviews" is a new section where I will let you know my opinion and first impressions on all the kits that get in my hands, most of them still waiting to be built one day. I have also included as many photos as I can of the kit reviewed, as a reference for you when buying these models.

"Links de interés" will let you explore other websites (all great and really interesting!) that in one way or another helped me to complete many articles of webmodelismo.com. Keep an eye on this section as it will be updated very often.

And please note that always when you see the message
"haz clic..." means that a nice surprise is waiting for you (more pictures, more information, links to other websites and much more ;-) From this web you can go easily to dozens of other webs... just "click and go"

OK, enough by now... Enjoy and let me know of any feedback (just positive ones please:-)))

And of course, email me if you like to add a link to my web!



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